Organizational Change Management - Agile Transformation

What the biggest hurdle to your organization's Agile transformation? Lack of collaboration? Resistance? Apathy?


Conflict is an urge to make a change happen. Resistance is a symptom of hidden fear or lack of trust. Apathy is indicative of deeper problems such as distrust, resentment, or sheer lack of clarity on the big picture. I often run into organizations looking for simple solutions to most of these problems (e.g. "Product and Development team doesn't collaborate well, so let's have a mandatory meeting to increase collaboration.") Organizational transformation needs a multifaceted approach and an appreciation of the complexity of the situation.


I have led Agile transformations at multiple large-scale organizations such as Adobe, Visa, CapitalOne, Alaska Airlines, and Credit Karma across the globe including Singapore, Romania, Moldova, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Hawaii, Bangalore, and Mumbai. I have coached, trained and mentored numerous Sr. Leaders, Middle Managers, ScrumMasters, and Product Owners.


My approach is around creating a guiding coalition of leaders and Agile enthusiasts, co-creating a vision, collaboratively coming up with strategies, scoring quick wins, and celebrating success to promote & reinforce behaviors. Check out my blog: Teach Them So They Think Like Us


I create an alliance between leaders to create an environment conducive to success. I create an outcome wider than my vision.

"Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there - John P Kotter

My Change Management work has been influenced by Dr. Scott Page and John Miller's work on Complexity Sciences, Dr. Glenda Eoyang's research on Self Organization, Dr. John P Kotter and Prosci's work on Change Management, and Dr. Boyatzis' "Appreciative Inquiry".