Life Coaching, Success Coaching

 अनित्य = impermanence. Change is not only possible but inevitable

We all have our internal saboteurs - that inner voice telling us we are not good enough. Sometimes we get stuck chasing our "next task," moving from one shiny goal to another. Then we find ourselves confused, not sure which path to take in life.            


Gradually we start giving in to other's opinions and start imitating their limitations. Over time, we develop an identity -  a perspective about who we are and what our limits are.


I work with individuals who are feeling stuck or looking for a shift in their life.

Co-Active coaching is an experience of personal transformation.

I help people deepen their understanding of themselves, generate awareness of their internal saboteurs, reconnect them with their innate inner wisdom, and discover what truly fires them up - their guiding star & life purpose

I follow a set of professional ethics, standards, and guidelines  that you can find on the website of the International Coach Federation:

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My coaching work is influenced by Co-Active Coaching, Virginia Satir, and Dr. Richard Boyatzis

"The world is not what it's supposed to be. It's what it is. The way you cope with it makes all the difference - Virginia Satir