Training from BACK of the room

"Human brain has evolved to solve problems related to survival, in unstable outdoor conditions, while doing so in constant motion - Dr. John Madina


Yes! And we keep them in a classroom forcing them to stare at PowerPoint feeding them knowledge. Check out my blog on The Secret To Being An Effective Agile Trainer.

I teach Lean-Agile, Scrum, Lean A3, Intent Base Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Professional Facilitation, and Collaboration Practices. I also teach "training from BACK of the room" techniques to other trainers.


My training sessions are not about teaching. It's about inspiring, exciting and motivating people to learn. I used NeuroScience based training techniques.


I have trained over 1500 Scrum Masters and Product Owners across the globe

My Training work has been influenced by Sharon Bowman, Dr. John Madina, Dr. Terrence Sejnowski, and Dr. Barbara Oakley.